Bobby Blaine PCT 200 Miles Down

Bobby is shredding the gnar pretty hard out there in Cali, please check out his 3rd installment of his trip. This near 30 minute blog shows some pretty wild experiences – make sure to subscribe to his Chanel and like all that ish!


Here’s a really solid look at the 2nd annual puckpuckpuck fest in Austin Tx, where a ton of homies meet together for some drinks and rampin’.

Creating this video took some help from Empirebmx & Josh Babu behind the camera lens. Please take a look at Josh’s other portfolio of videos because there’s some killer shit in there!

Bobby Blaine – PCT 2017 VLOGZ 1 & 2

What’s making a difference from Bobby’s AT & the PCT is the video logs that have been posted up. Blaine had filmed various clips from the Appellation Trail but they were all posted when the journey was finished, leaving us with Instagram flicks to keep us entertained.

Now we have some logs every other few hundred miles! Go ahead and subscribe to Bobby’s youtube chanel where he’s posting some lengthy content of the trail, and it’s all entertainment folks!

DELLA – Delicgate

My goodness look what we have here, @infelise bringing the heat in this video. Not only does the film maker get some action in front of the lens but undeniably kills it behind the lens. All filming takes place in North California and documents the ventures that Bmx can spontaneously unite. Please enjoy and head over to their DELICGATE website to view an entire collection of 35mm photos of this trip along with some other random goodies.

“Last year I parted ways with Austin for a bit and found myself back in my birth state of California, Nor-Cal more specifically. Hella! I flew solo a good bit in the beginning, taking advantage of being on the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range there was plenty to hike, swim, capture on film and cuts to explore on my bike when I came down from the mountain. I knew there was a scene in the area but paths hadn’t crossed until one day at a swim spot after hiking up the hill to the parking lot the shape of some legit BMX parts caught my eye in the back seat of a car. Sure enough they were dialed after market parts so I knew these dudes were legit. I left a note and a grip of stickers and the rest is history. Della is a visual narrative of some time back in Hella country.


Della features-

Jeremie aka Stickman

Mike Fury

Danny Williams aka Dboiii

Devin Gentry

Dylan Nebel

Riky aka R_Dognasty

Shayne Stewart

Bert aka #berthella

*WARNING- Explicit content. ”


I’ve always loved these Jib tapes, this fourth one spans the grounds of Philly & there’s some nice ol’ spots throughout this whole film. The project is thirty minutes long and is filmed very well with some talented riders that I enjoyed watching due to the style and creativity. Relax pal, you’re in for a good watch.

“This video was filmed in Eastern Pennsylvania and showcases realistic street riding from a variety of talented individuals who reside within the state. A large majority of the filming was conducted in the Philadelphia region over the past 2-3 years. The project’s goal is to document the stylistic approach to riding on less than perfect obstacles that the area has been and continues to be known for.
Mixed crew sections from:
stinkpit (@stinkpit)
atown trash (@atowntrash_official)
chocolate truck (@chocolatetruck)

Riding from:
pat schlitzer (@pat.schlitzer)
eric capone (@ericcapone)
fran meehan (@franman12)
dan conway (@danconway)
daniel kelleher (@gannwear)
marty moore (@martmoore)
ryan scott (@ryanscottphoto)
dennis bunn (@instabunn)
robbie downward (@rad_house)
jarret mayo (@jarretmayo)
nick bott (@nick_bott)
cody neiswender (@mcthuginn)
matt smith (@mattheyea)
josh stair (@joshstair)
chris andrijiw (@pifficus)
anthony villani (@sirvillani)
justin benthien (@justinbenthien
kevin bass (@kevinbasss)
tommy gunn (@tgske)
mike o’donnell
matt spencer aka tenna (@tenna10)
jersey joe (@jerseyjoehere)
jamie barnhart (@pedalpushin)
tony meeks (@skeem_ynot)
sean carroll aka chickenwang (@chickenwang30)
joe kirschenbaum (@baumshakalaka)
brian donahue (@_donahue)
jon schimpf (@schimpfstagram)
kevin vannauker (@kvannauker)
ryan niranonta (@ryanniranonta)
joe niranonta (@joeniranonta)
nick barrett (@nickbayrat)
john yoh (@johnyohyoh)
grant maddox aka pugwash (@southofheaven_666)
matt miller (@mattmiller_ct)
breyon woods (@bdubct)
mike swift (@swiftmichael_)
steve tassone(@_tasswon) (@215berks)
nick smith (@knick_smith)
james hess (@get_atown_trashed)
eddie grabert (@eddiethewhale)
john greenage aka sanchez (@instadirtychezz)
fateem williams (@fatewill)
chris volkwine (@baboon_ir)
pat quinn (@patquinnpatquinn)
erick carment (@erk666)
josh frey aka chief (@_atowntrash_)
joby suender (@notoriousjob)”

Ramblin’ Man W/ Bobby Blaine

Last call came early for Bobby Blane today, it’s officially the first chapter in this mans life & it started in ABIA getting beard frisked by the TSA. For those out of the loop, Bob is going yet again to complete a trail so gnarly it will make you shiver in your work clothes. Mexico to Canada mother fucker.. The Pacific Coast Trail is a hell of a journey that will take one hundred percent determination and power – all things that Mr. Blaine possesses.

His official journey from the tip of Mexico doesn’t start quiet yet, but make sure to follow Bobby and see how it all goes down.

We have a farewell edit dropping very soon & you don’t want to miss it…

Goodluck Bobby, we love you brother!


The Art Of The Spot Search

So You Want To Find Spots?

Spot searching is a common quest that most bmx riders see themselves getting into even when they least expect it. Think about every time your friends and yourself leave the skate park to search around the city, and occasionally you’ll come across spots you’ve never seen before. This simple motion of getting out and looking around is my favorite part about riding – the exploration. The ol’ quote “The journey is better than the destination” is a great way to put it, but I ultimately enjoy both parts of the adventure.. the destination and the end goal.

“Your Tools”

Living in the 21st century, we are surrounded by technology that we use every single day of our lives – even if we hardly know we’re using it. The tools that we will be using to find our spots are very simplistic and every body has them. The first tool in your spot finding Arenal is “Yourself & The People Around You”

“Yourself & The People Around You”

First is first, if you’re unwilling to do the work then you’re likely too lazy to go to the spot. Don’t get discouraged if your not in the big city with a large crew to mob around with – if you love riding for the pure aspect of BMX then you shouldn’t have a problem with getting motivated to put in some time and effort to potentially come up on something to place your rubbers on.

The two choices are to either journey off alone or find someone to help you not only explore the spot, but ride & enjoy the reward. These are two different worlds, but I do enjoy having the homies around so we can feed off each other and you live in the moment. It’s not hard to even recall all the memorable times I’ve had doing missions with the crew, they are times I would never trade for anything.

So you may be wondering what the people around you can do in terms of finding places to ride your Bmx bikes on. Well it’s simple, people talk & they love doing it – this means in person and online. If you have a local Bmx or skate scene in your area or have a skatepark / meet up spot, this is a great opportunity to meet some new people and form a riding crew. This way you can ride around with some locals who may show you some of their spots, hell they may even give you some spots so you can ride them later. But if you ask where something is and they don’t tell you – it’s likely they don’t want it blown out or have spent a lot of time searching far and wide for it to give away so easily. Honestly this will happen more times then you may think, but this only makes finding that spot that much more rewarding.

Social media is a place where spots are either shown, given away, or both in the same place. I love seeing spots, it’s like hidden art that you can look for and find… shit, you could even say this is the equivalence of geocaching. None the less if you usually look around you can find someone giving away spots willy nilly, in all reality I don’t mind in the end – especially if I didn’t know where the spot was in the first place. Sometimes this can back fire, I remember when the Austin “Toilet Bowl” ditch was blown out

Man Made Half Pipe
I searched high and low on social media so I could find this puppy, but no luck – it was word of mouth that got this spot caught in my opinion. But the first notion way putting the spot on social media, which is something we are guilty of doing. In the end when you mix the style of this incredible spot, with how new the spot was, and technology – it never would’ve survived. Spots like this get blown out by the amount of traffic in the area, when people are parking near the spot, in front of peoples houses, doing illegal shit at the spot – it’s only amount of time till it gets the dozer. Luckily this spot got fucking shredded before it left us, the skeleton still remains but the transition is no more.

Here’s an example of an Instagram page dedicated to giving away spot information, I guarantee there’s one in or around the area you live, and if there isn’t then you will have some more work on your hands. Instagram pages where pictures and addresses are given away in the captions are very useful especially if you’re visiting a town and don’t have time to look up some spots on maps. You can even occasionally find a good drive document dedicated to spot listings in your area as well.

In the end this is the easy way of finding spots and doesn’t require much time or effort, all you have to do is find the right person who is spot snitching (which we don’t condone). We will show off some spot pictures but we will never share information in the comments or in the caption, that defeats the fun of this whole entire thing. The general rule we go by is if you want a spot you should likely trade spot for spot, and should be done via private messenger to avoid any spots getting lit up.

“Old School Exploration”

When you have no means of talking to people or looking on the computer to find spots then you resort to the classic pedal n’ search. This is probably the most effective way of spot searching but you are limited by how far you can search in the amount of time given. This means you may snoop around a 2 mile radius that could all day, BUT you’ve found a collection of spots. When you’re there in the flesh riding around your eye’s are doing all the work – you will likely scope out things different opposed to being on street view.. Grab some homies, pick a place to park, and cruise around till you come up.

“Google Mapping”

This is the most powerful tool if you want to span miles & miles in only minutes. Something people dreamt of doing decades ago is easily accessible online and it doesn’t cost a penny to use. I’ve been nerding out on google maps for a few years now and I’ve learned a few things from using it, I’ll be giving you a few tips for finding ditches in your area. First is first..

1) You must use satellite, if you don’t then I have no idea how you can find spots – if you figure it out please let me know.
2) Utilize Street View, if you found a potential spot you can usually spot check it by placing a street view next to the spot!
3) Look around in densely populated areas, if you’re looking in the boonies off Dirt Road & Farmer Ranch 22 you’ll likely find an open field and no spot.
4) Remember that neighborhoods are your friends, more often then not – a closely grouped amount of houses will have a drainage parting between the two fences. Below is an example of the groupings of houses that could have drainage.

5) Always look on the edges of neignborhoods
6) Find the breaks “ridge lines” in the neighborhoods, this usually means drainage.
7) Golden Rules “Flat Area = means no spots or heavy drainage” “Hilly Areas = Large drops and run off ditches” “Stop Spot Snitching”

Well now that you have an idea of what goes on in my brain, get out there and find some shit to ride before I do!