Bobby Blaine – Another Day

I imagine Bobby “Hill” Blaine has kept his mind preoccupied by the thought of the PCT hike cause it’s gaining on his tail fast, 2,000+ miles of pure adventure and excitement. I’m stoked to see my boy complete another hike, but before we send him off for the second time we have to get busy stacking some content… the past few weeks have been chilly – but it’s hard to keep us away from the steed.

Down the main streets of Austin & came across this bulky lil’ item, the streets were pretty bustling with all the cross traffic, after waiting for his opportunity he played this pup first try.

Michael brought Bobby and I to this unique little wall-ride that is next to some un-happy vendors. It’s a pretty tight squeeze but it’s worth putting them tires on it.

Cabbage Crew – “Da Finess Mix”

Cabbage Boyz coming in clutch this this creative edit, I know y’all be watching these guys on the regular – so make sure to strap in and let the finest take over ya body.

Other credentials: Cabbage Gang Fall/Winter 2016 joint.
additional filming by
Josh Babu, Blake Wright, and Bobby Babbit.
(rare hand cameo)- Jacob Conard


I think this is the second annual Corpus Cristi Thanks Giving Jam put on by Mike E. & them Cabbage Boyz Here’s a dope video that Shim P. threw together of the entire jammy. Click the play button and sit your ass down!

“NOWHERETORIDE” With Nicolas Cambon “DIGBMX”

Lately DIGBMX has been producing some quality videos that have kept my eyes and mind busy for sometime. I just watched this video recently and was really stunned at how many great spots they came across and the amount of work it took to get some of these places rolling. If you’re a fan of #spotporn or just like looking at unique set ups – this is the video for you.. check er’ out

Inspired By BMX – Tom Hooper “DIG BMX”

Here’s a really well put together video highlighting the life of renowned tattoo artist / bmx rider Thomas Hooper, whom resided down here in lovely Austin, TX. If you haven’t seen Hooper around the park or trails, then you might of seen his work on other people. Go ahead and click the play button..

Woodby Chills

There’s no doubt that Cabbage rider Micahel Woodby goes in, and this chills edit is no different! Effortless riding and pure precision, Woodby’s got it, head over to the Cabbage Crew site to check out some more thangs!

Take Me To Your Spots

We got it too easy now and days y’all, technology can take us anywhere we want to go and whatever your niche is – it can help develop anything you want. In terms for us BMX gals and guys we can travel anywhere in the world behind a screen and check out the area without ever putting your foot down, this can either take away from the experience or speed up the process.

The 3A.M. hour is quiet, besides the sound of a clicking mouse dragging and dragging on the computer screen. It takes sometime to find spots but it’s well worth it in the long run – chopping your spot search time in half. I do love the occasional free for all roaming, but we had figured that Saturday was a great day to get out of town and check out some locations. So instead of getting to our spot and riding to find spots, we had jotted down a list of “likely to be” spots and waited till the morning to get our day going.


The morning soon turned into the latter part of the afternoon so the sun was limited, this caused us to do hit-and-runs on the spots. This first one we went to was extremely hard to ride and came equipped with large dirt clumps gathered at the bottom of the transition, we had better things ahead of us.


We drove across the way to find this pleasant partner sitting on a nice patch of green grass, the entire spot was rather interesting – the top piece you could pump around and pop to the lower banks and continue with your speed. The fucking surf was up.


On the bank facing the ditch lays two sewer grates that had left us with some opportunity to shred, there’s ol Mike Bowen giving a little bun hop over the hole.


When we started filming and taking pictures at this spot I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it did, Michael gave the idea that he could give a little manual over the grate – turns out it was a great decision, this spot left us happy and hungry.



The next one was a beast, it stretched along farther than the eye could take you, and it wasn’t all ridealbe. We found out real fast that the journey into the ditch was going to be painful, after speeding through the grass we realized that we ventured into a thick sticker covered trap. Michael and David spend some time getting the stragglers off their shoes and socks, 10 minutes later we made our way up the waterway.


After the crooked bend we saw some hips and a second story in the distance, our mouths dropped when we took in the sight to see. I won’t say much about it, but what I can say is that speed was a definite factor with this big guy.

To Be Continued…

Texas Toast Sesh

This right here my friends is what stoke is made of, Josh Babu with the video heat – Jacob Conard and Ryan Lamont witht the biking. These guys all swang down to the ol’ Toast ramps that house a hell of a show. Now days the ramps sit in the hot sun baking from the heavy rays, recently a hand of ramp installs and updates occured, but enough of the talk just watch the show.

and get you ass over to Empire Bmx , and over to the meatspin blog suckas

Should We Look Over There?

= It’s a constant search when you devote your mind to spots =

Some people gravitate towards what they already know (skatesparks) but hey I’m not hating on it, it’s convenient and like most familiar places it feels like home.

A common term thrown around for the park is the “Gym” and for good reasons… when you go to the gym to get swolled up you’re usually at your frequently visited gym that you have a membership at, and you might even see a homie or two – motivating you and spotting you.

Now the skatepark is directly relatable to this, it’s a frequent place that you and your buddies are use to riding, usually practicing some sick fly out tricks or playing on a flat rail, and you have all your buddies there to help get you motivated and stoked.

We all see how the park is usually the “default” place to ride because it’s always there and we know were it’s at, it will never leave and you will never have to seek it out. But isn’t this where all the fun is? Spot searching with your crew, getting into mischief all in the name of fun.


Lately the gang has been on the search once again, resisting the park and using only the resources we have to find what’s out there. I’ve said it again and again, no matter how much you look around and think you found everything – you’re wrong.



What makes a spot? What makes a spot worth riding? Well this is where opinions take place and everyone is wrong and everyone is right. Bikes and skaters have a fine line between what’s rideable and what’s not – luckily for us we can ride some pretty fucked up terrain making the spot possible for us and maybe not for a board (and vice-versa). Lots of the things we come across probably look like a shit show on ice, but that’s usually okay with us – sometimes you gotta make it fun.



Our upcoming project has been a real fun one, lots of different spots and the usual homies coming together to make it happen. Every time we work on a new project I get motivated to keep it different and mainly make it unique. I imagine the video project like constant art project, you keep collecting your clips, finding your spots, choosing your music – eventually you start to see it resemble a mosaic piece, once you think you have enough content you stick it all together to form one big work of art, makes me feel a giddy inside.