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Weekly Dose

Just in case you missed some of these goodies that hit the net…

Devin Fredlund’s edit made by Jeremie Infelise

Eric Bahlman’s part from Mediocre at Best

Casey Smith for Haro History


Buda Bird

This quarterpipe/half bowl is pretty hard so ride in my opinion, but Birdman rides it otherwise.


Braeden letting a t-bog air out of the bag


Birdman roasting an inverted no shirt table for extra clearance!


White Wall

It was the first time checking out this spot. I had seen it numerous times while driving, also floating around in some videos. Walking up and assessing the wild creation really put things in perspective. Bobby, Michael and I rode the white wall for a fun amount of time, there’s nothing like a little street transition.

Bobby Blaine ripping up the concrete wave.


Michael Bowen getting a little detached.




Ditch The Spot

Dulles and I have been trying to get sessions in whenever work isn’t interfering. Just the other day I met up with Dulles and Bone to shred some southside ditch spots and random set-ups scattered around the area.


The south is an amazing place to ride, especially if your forte’ is for riding unique setups. Within a 5 miles radius it’s spots galore, you just need the basic frame work where all the spots lie. Michael Bowen turning down this ledge to grass gap.


We drifted onward towards this crazy ditch that is suppressed beneath the busy highway. Dulles took me here when I was a wee lad just starting to ride bmx. It had been years since Dulles had seen this spot again, so I thought it would be cool to check out. We walked down to the ditch to be greeted with nasty oil tinted water that covered half of the spot. Luckily we were able to still ride and get some clips here. Myself riding this crazy steep bank with a hop in. It’s the perfect place to throw some crete, possibly in the near future.


I had a feeling Dulles would hit this gap, even with the non-existant run up and gruel water beneath he still shot the it. After a few cases and avoidance of of falling in, he took it out and rode away clean.


We eventually drifted onward towards this goliath wall ride set up with crazy possibilities. Next to the gigantic wall is an intense runway where you can bomb down and gather a lot of speed. Dulles had the idea to hit the bump to wall with a shit load of speed, after a few errors he smashed the wallride and rode away like gutter butter.


The Wood That Could

“Dead Girl Ditch”, “Death Hills”, “The Mountain” whatever you decide to call this place it’s a known fact that it holds a mammoth sized bank. The large bank is steep and intimidating due to it’s over towering height.

It’s difficult to ride the large bank without a proper piece of wood to help the transition. Thanks to Dulles’s observant eyes we found a perfect piece of wood to take over to the colossal structure.


The scrap wood helped the crew ramp the large bank as a flyout and a quarter pipe. The picture above is myself doing my favorite trick on the big boy.

Birdman undeniably destroyed it yesterday, preforming some madman stunts into the bank like a pro. Unfortunately he landed on his knee and had to depart the session. Dulles must have got stoked on Birdman’s riding cause what he tried next was absolutely insane.

When Francis said “I’m going to gap this” nonchalantly I knew something ridiculous was going to happen. I tried to tell him “maybe you should size it up first with a few run-ups..” he injected “Na I’m just going to go for it”. The shit was on!


This was the second attempt at the gap, the first time was even higher in my book, but this picture does show how fucking crazy this kid is. I would say he topped out at about 12-13 feet in the air and remarkably landed on his feet like a gentle dancer. The amount of speed he was clocking in was ludicrous, after attempting this stunt over five times with pure force the wood was breaking in two. Dulles called it after landing a pretty good one, the board was crushed and the gap was taken.


Bird Barrage

Birdman continues to wreck shop in the streets of Austin. Just the other day we parked at Bobby’s complex and set out into the continuous streets and paths. Hitting a few familiar joints we checked out a nearby school.


Braeden was eyeing up this drop into the grass bank, throwing himself down with a 360.


After getting another clip off the drop we walked over the rail setup. Bird threw down some killer moves and managed to tooth down this hand rail. Definitely got me stoked for the rest of the ride.


Day With Dulles

The start of the day was scorched by the sun, slapping our backs with rays of warmth. It was Francis’s first time checking out the Buda skatepark, we arrived to an empty lot. After warming up we got a few photos on the fin of concrete.

This transition is funky as Parliament, Francis pulling up an ally-oop.

A stones throw away from the park lies this miniature transitioned bank. Local skaters placed a crunchy parking block on the top of the bank for extra fun. Dulles attacking the block with a back tire fufanu.

We ended the long day with a session at the local ditch spot. Another first time for Francis and he definitely killed it with this wild textbook table.


Ditch Surfing

Pack of three, rolling around the north side of town. We had troubles settling on a particular area to ride, then we recalled this spot wedged between homes. We placed our baggage and bikes down next to the green tinted water slowly flowing by and walked along the path.


Thankfully the water didn’t stagnate near the main part of the ditch. This is one of those places where you have to watch what you’re doing carefully, if that means avoiding the lukewarm swamp water or knowing what part of the concrete transition your going to hit. The d.i.y transitions are definitely aged and worn, but they were doing their job with flying colors.

After warming up on the unique terrain Braeden got a few things on film along with this bar spin on the bank. Mmmmm that water looks extremely refreshing!

Myself taking a break from the handy cam and riding in the wild set up. Trying to feel this thing out was strange, but it felt great when you got a nice break out of the bank.

I really had to bug Birdman to get this one and I’m sure as hell glad I did. Here’s Braeden bringing a textbook style can-can to the lens, putting that d.i.y to the test.

Last but certainly not least is Bobby Blaine ripping a double peg on the crusty surface of the embankment. A lot more coming soon, keep those eyes open for the latest ish.


Find, Look, Repeat

Something urges me to find more things to ride, no matter what the spot is I’m always interested to see what’s new..or old out there. I saw this spot on the write up that Michael Sieben did for a Vice article. I knew it was close, but I had never seen it before.


I had a general idea where the area was, but I really had no idea. The only thing left to do was get a small crew and go find the spot, and that we did! We met up with Dave the dude, Birdman, and Bone.57 to get a search party together and hit some new shit.

We really didn’t mean to find this spot, it was purely luck that brought us over to it. Sure enough it was the infamous ditch with the “natural curb” implanted on the top of the bank. The spot looked equivalent to an antique, lost and a little dirty. After quickly clearing out the brush and removing vines we had a nice session at the newly found spot.


We all had a blast at the set-up, even though it wasn’t too much we made the most out of it. Braeden got this pretty extended tuck to fakie on the bank with ease.


The Birdmobile in its natural habitat.