Delic Gate

What’s up Yall!? If you’re not familiar with the homies doing the Delic Gate movement you need to get on it! It’s a large family of riders who have taken the their love for bmx and have combined it with art, outside talents, and life. They’re always putting creative content on their Delic website. The homie Jeremie Infelise delivers some kick ass point and shoot photos along with some classic video parts from their 2012 video project. Get your ass over to their site!!

Photo of Michael Bowen : Shot by Jeremie Infelise

Find What You’re Not Looking For

That boy Frank Dulles and I went pandering for our own interest in the streets near downtown recently, just to see what we could find. We drove to the local park and decided to pedal around until we came across anything good. Its been a second since I’ve ramped around with Dulles, so we set off in an unfamiliar direction with no sense of a set plan, just going where the pedal decided to take us.

We carved around, jumped some curb cuts, and rode around like liquefied sacks of flesh. Soon discovering a super small road side ditch that I sadly didn’t take a picture of. It was perfect for a skateboard but somehow we made it work in our favor, we spend about 25 minutes capturing two clips and dipped out to search for anything else before the darkness took over the city streets.


Eventually our path delivered us this wild D.I.Y ditch spot that Dulles use to ride way back in the day. Rolling up we saw the smooth concrete that paved up the crusty transition, word on the street is that some skateboarders who work in the building put the touches on the ditch, creating a sweet ass break time spot! Even though it was a tiny spot we still had a shit load of fun on this sucker, anything is plenty mane!



In it entirety this spot had a lot of potential, for bikes and boards. Just above the transition laid a mini sub ledge that produced a pretty great amount of fun. Here’s myself getting a boned out nose to fakie on the mini sub ledge. Thanks to Francis for capturing these moments whilst on the lurking adventure. After a while the sun was beginning to take its last few breaths before it sailed down south.

Before we called the session we rode past a weary ally way that was equipped with a nice sizes office desk. Dulles rolled over to the corporate piece of furniture and decided to lay some pegs on her. Like someone said on Instagram “screw a desk job ride bikes all day” . I couldn’t think of anything else to say besides that quote, because that shits so true.


Anyways, get up get out and get something.

Weekly Dose #15


New eye candy on the webz recently, some of the Austin fire and some foreign affairs to help set the day off right. The first video is West Yorkshire Peg Torture by the Rude’En dudes, this shits real heavy it’s like watching a snuff movie but with pegs. If you got the time to kick it for a while make sure you press play on this one

Erik Elstran & Rob DiQuattro in LA
The next one is wild, creative, and crazyness. Erik Elstran and Rob Diquattro produce some of the gnarliest video parts and this is definitely one of em’ on that list. There’s too many things on here to mention so make sure to peep game on this one

Dr. John Mayo In ATX
From the B-Cave crew is a nice part from the pharmacist who executes some slick moves in the great state. Dr. John visits some classic spots and puts the hurtin on all of them.

Cabbage Crew – Backwards

Cabbage coming through with some p-vill gold, the whole video has a cooled out vibe and consists of some killer riding footage at the park.

SAlutations! PT. 2

After wearing out the stay at the first location we piled back into the vehicles like a bunch of salty sardines and took off towards the next spot on John’s endless list of spots for us to entertain ourselves on. After filling up the void in our empty stomachs with Dairy Queen we walked over to this janky bank to wall. This set up was pretty nice, but you had to be really careful due to the shitty run up and jagged glass everywhere. Bobby didn’t give a single fuck that day, riding it like a fucking quarter pipe.


There’s something about SA’s ditch layout that just made me stand in awe, the long stretch of drainage vested as long as you could see towards the horizon, there was something around every corner it seemed. What a interesting addiction this is to have… yearning for some slightly tilted slab of concrete to ride a bike on, what a strange strange life.


We surfed, we chilled, we talked, we lived. Taking in everything that was happening – not trying to take it in too fast.

Dave is a smooth cat, it’s hard to get him any content it seems like – but the public needs more of this dude, the way he rides has always tangled my brain. Here’s the dude hitting a minuscule sized hip erected out of the bank.


This ally way was laced with crazy shit, small banks big banks, sketchy ass people walking their oversized pit bull. Nothing could possibly stop the shred none the less.



Big Bone .57 just living the high life enjoying the concrete playground. This trip really had me in a great place, we knew Bobby was leaving for a few month not too long after we would arrive back to Austin, so we made this trip one to remember.

A half mile away from our current location was this fucking intimidating bank, steeper than you would like it to be, but just tempting enough to hit a carve with some speed. Going mack 5 Bobby Blaine hit 5th gear and surfed this wave like a tsunami crashing into the shoreline…


Myself ramping the perfect hip set up I’ve ever roasted. The nice layout makes up for the lack of landing you have, nothing feels better than a ditch hip with the best of buds to heckle you.


I’ll let the rest speak for themselves, the riding portion of the trip seemed to end so quickly, time flies when you’re shredding the gnar. After another night spend at John’s compound we woke up early to get on the road to enchanted rock, a place of mystery and wander. An experience I’ll take with me to the grave…








Strangely with most of the crew we’re all close on our birth dates, this month it’s a double whammy with ol’ Chad Mansen and Micahel Bowen turning the big 21. If you see these dudes today make sure to give em’ both some birthday wishes and a brew!



FUBMX 420 JAM (2 of 4)






SAlutations! PT.1

Tripping to the other cities in Texas is always a nice get away from the commotion and normal routine in Austin, just recently the OG homie John T. let us catch a few z’s and party down at his apartment for a few days in San Antonio. John was an class A host, touring with us around his neighborhood that was cluttered up and down with ridiculous ditches and spots.

After a pow-wow and a nice car ride we drifted off to this rather large water run off location, our eyes feasted on it’s size.


A small amount of stag water was sitting the the middle, along with a nice layer of dirt and soot. These hips were pretty mellow but the boys were juicing them without a problem.



Mike was laying down some nice dance moves on the floor, foot plant to the sky. He even let us know how to lay down a flatty on the mellow fellow, tables till’ the grave.


Brother Bob was equally killing this spot, grabbed a few clips and he snapped an X-up for the haters.

Gnart #2

The wet stuff has been a bummer for the last few days so I got busy on some drawings and came up with a few things to show to the class. Take what you want from them and let your mind wonder!



Have You Had A NUF

This weather has been keeping my head in strange places, a lot of things to get done but I can hardly find the damn time! Oh well, we’re here now and it seems like I’ve conjured up a few things to talk about. It seems like there’s some phase that’s taking place as you read this, I can’t place my finger on it but I know something is taking place… FUCK IT!

In my unimportant opinion I think that D.I.Y rules the land completely, what’s more refreshing than riding a man made contraption to get gnarly on. Weather you skate or ride bikes I believe is a similar feeling, with the two differing objects, one wood one steel, we still feel that same excitement when the wheels touch the imperfect transition. So my applaud to any human being who has ever built a wooden ramp for all to use, placed crete with their own money for the good of the public, tip of my hat to this special breed of humans.

A certain feeling has always coursed my brain… it’s when you’re at a ditch, spot, any area where there’s something to ride built by riders for riders – riders being anyone skaters, bmx, scooters, ect. I’ve always felt an unwelcoming feeling with a select few folks, these people generally hate anyone who rides what they built unless it’s their posse or those who share the same passion, even though you have decided to build in a drainage ditch, abandoned slab, fuck it! Whatever it may be there’s always the select few who try and run off anyone who didn’t help out or if you’re just different. Truth is, everyone and their mother is going to ride what you built, it’s purely inevitable – we just have to get used to it, seriously… built what you want, expect others whom you may hate to ride it, and just have fun you pansies.


Mr. Robert will ride just about anything that he’s confronted with, you could say a jack of all trades. It was a rather large debate about what we should ride on this sunny Saturday afternoon, Bob, Mike, and I concluded that we would peep the cemetery spot near town. A first time for Mike and I, so I had my brain churning in an attempt to think of shots and tricks. Blaine was hitting this minuscule hip like it had a 5 foot face on it.

I love it when shit randomly pops up in the city, and this is just one of those things. I don’t know what people have been calling it… “new green park?” but it’s a simple clay court scrambled with objects that I could have fun on for hours on end. Recently they just added a good sized quarter pipe with some intense coping on the top. Fucking around with the fronts on this gem to fakie.




Good day yesterday playing around in the woods and finding some things to ride our bikes on…


A lot of the shit we found was either incredibly hard to ride or it was just the right size to mess with. After searching for a while we decided to go back to this fenced in ditch down the road. It has been a while since Mike has been down to this spot, so his mind was thinking of opportunities.


We discussed how bad ass it would be to get a fence slap near the end of the ditch. Keep in mind that this spot is crawling with sewage holes waiting for you to slip up.


.57 in his final form.