.57 Road Trip Part 2

A phone alarm rudely wakes me up from some slight shut-eye, but for some reason, I was more ready than ever to wake up. While trying to compose myself, I gaze around and see nothing but darkness and shadowy figures walking around the parking lot. Luckily, this was no bad dream, but an active parking lot where truck drivers are getting their legs stretched, coffee ready and minds ready to drive their distance before the sun comes up. Slowly, I make my way across the street to McDonalds for a regrettable breakfast and some mediocre coffee that would fuel my drive through the rest of Kansas into Colorado. Before I started driving down the monotonous motorway once more, my skateboard called to me to ride around the parking lot as to get my land legs on for the day.

Truckstop Sunrise

Truckstop Sunrise

Billions and billions sickened

Billions and billions sickened

Now that the faux food is slowly digesting, my hands grab the wheel and my foot hits the pedal. Minutes zoom by, hours tick slowly and many road signs are passed, this is the time my gas tank says feed me. My pit stop is in the fertile farm city of Colby, Kansas where the sun shines on the plentiful pesticide lands.

Mr. Moody's pride

Mr. Moody’s pride

Drop in

Drop in


Blowin' in the wind

Blowin’ in the wind

You are what you eat

You are what you eat

Although a short and sweet stay in Kansas, it opened up my eyes and perspective in wonderfully weird ways. I have tried my best here to explain, but the only way to truly understand is to get up, get out and seek your own experience.

Stay tuned for the inherent beauty of Colorado in part 3.


.57 Road Trip Part 1

With a plan to be drowning in cruise control by 8:15am, I packed up and finished writing some travel notes to myself. Both eyes and sails were set for Colorado, but I wasn’t quite ready to drive 15 hours straight. Roughly 2/3rds of the way I made a plan to car camp at a Walmart in Salina, Kansas and was as comfortable as it sounds. These are some photographs that I shot while driving through Oklahoma and Kansas on the first day.

Texas style designated driver

Texas style designated driver

Davis, OK near Turner Falls

Oklahoma near Turner Falls

Wheel watcher

Wheel watcher

Respectable gas price

Respectable gas price in Kansas

American dream(demise)

Gas stop in Kansas

After 10 hours of on and off driving I arrived to the sleeping destination. My plan was not designed for comfort, just efficiency and what I saved in money, I ended up sweating out while trying to sleep. I toss and turn for a couple of hours and get back on the road after some coffee and food. Part 2 starts here and the end destination is Denver so keep an eye out.


“That Was The Spot” – Sex Ditch

7/8/15 marks the day of destruction to one of south Austin’s many diy ditch gems. Spots come and go, this is just part of the game…but something about sex ditch was different, it lasted for roughly 10+ years. This was a case of, “it’s been here so long, it has to stay” unfortunately this wasn’t the case this go around. Sex Ditch had many phases and stages, additions and subtractions – now I have to ask myself is this the final stage?

image (4)

The city of Austin has claimed countless DIY spots all over the city, leaving skaters and bmx riders to migrate to different areas in hopes to set up another spot. In my opinion DIY spots can go both ways, either a hangout spot for junkies and juveniles or a training ground for people who decide to ride or skate.

With neighborhood support and community DIY, sex ditch was a utopia for small children and progressive riders. I started going to sex ditch back in 2006 when I had just started getting into bmx, and over the years it transformed into a second home. Every day after middle school and high school the homies and I would congregate and ride till sun fall. As I grew older I learned how important this place was to my development, and how much it taught me about this craft known as bmx. In the later years I would see the new middle schoolers and high schoolers go through the same routine, meeting up after school and skating/riding till the sun baked them into the concrete they stood upon. Now with this training ground outed, the locals who rode this spot everyday will either have to rebuild or skate the long strip of banks. At this point sex ditch looks like it did back in ’05, a blank area with a lot of potential.

When will the city of Austin learn that you can’t kill the DIY spirit, it’s like a deadly virus and it only spreads, you can try to destroy it, but it will only come back stronger. I hope one day Austin takes a look at what El Paso is doing with their drainage ditches and recreates that scene down here. The only thing they are doing is wasting tax payers money on a spot that likely keeps kids out of trouble, not where to?

All in all it had an amazing run, another for the books. Special shout out to anyone who build, swept, picked up trash, or supported the sex ditch slab. There’s two things guaranteed to us in this sick sad world… and that taxes and DIY.

Here’s a collection of photos of Sex Ditch over the years…

















Empire SA Trip #2 Gallery

You can’t really ask for anything better than a couple days out of town with a wild pack of homies. Three days of straight phunk in San Antonio thanks to empirebmx, Jeremie Infelise, and John Ranger. We stumbled upon some foreign setups, and jumped a few fences to let our exploration sides get loose. I snapped some picture along the three days, here’s part 1 of the Empire SA Trip…

Click HERE to check out our previous Empire SA trip gallery from a few months back!











Grass Meets Crete

Out here creepin and lurkin around with David a couple days ago, in the attempt to check out a couple of suspect spots. We loaded up the truck and set our sails to the foreign territory to see if we could gather any ideas of what this spot could be. I drove past it accidentally a few weeks ago and it’s kept my mind entertained ever since…


The spot was very promising, a couple things laid out in the small radius, the first interesting thing was this perfect street to steep bank gap, hopefully in the near future we’ll get loco on this guy.


Directly to the right of the gap is a pretty wild hip, the crazy part is getting the speed through the grass to hit this thing, David was ramping the shit out of this contraption, almost whipping out a little too much on a couple of go’s.



Keep on searching, keep on lurkin.

Weekly Dose #18

Can’t even get a day into the week without posting some new material from the outer sourcings of the world wide web. Props just dropped some heavy hitting shit that for the most part is all based in Austin, so go ahead and check out these throwback videos thanks the one and only props bmx.

Props 52 – Austin Scene Report

Props 69 – Randy Don Taylor Bio

Props 49 – Empire Southwest Trip

Props 34 – Joe Rich Interview

Cabbage Crew – Over Time

Weekly Dose #17

Knowm’ Sayn’ it’s June 27th, and we’ve got a couple of things to show to the people! First off we will take a look at Jeremie Infelise’s newest creation titled:

Apprehension Mixtape Vol. 1

A shit load of awesome riding and crazy vibes!!! So stoked to see how this turned out.

Mag Wheel Guy Video

Clint is one hell of a cool cat, and his riding style goes hand and hand with his personality. I’ve always loved the way this guy rides, nothing but creative moves that bmx needs to see more of!

Recently there’s been a lot of awesome projects rolling out from the cabbage homies, here’s some of the load they have delivered!!

787666 Day Edit

This one filmed and edited by the dude Blake Wright, also starring child prodigy Ryan Perales. All footage straight out of one day spend in the amazing little town of San Marcos

Close Encounters Of The Fourth Peg

Now this shit is heavy, straight killer shit from the cabbage dudes, I won’t blabber to much on this one.. I’ll let the riding do all the talking for me, press play doh

www.cabbagecrew.com for more content!


Pre Scum Video

Ladies and germs we got a six and a half minute video of people riding things with two wheels that rotate in a circular motion for pure enjoyment. For the most part these clips have been sitting in storage mode waiting to see the day of light. Nothing else to really say or talk about, go carve some stuff and get fun.

Michael Bowen
Bobby Blaine
Braeden Mathieu
Colby Moody
Shane Goldstein
Cori Young
Francis Dulles
David Reneau

Songs Used:
5050 Twin – Block Muzik
Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
Albert King – I’m Doing Fine