DELLA – Delicgate

My goodness look what we have here, @infelise bringing the heat in this video. Not only does the film maker get some action in front of the lens but undeniably kills it behind the lens. All filming takes place in North California and documents the ventures that Bmx can spontaneously unite. Please enjoy and head over to their DELICGATE website to view an entire collection of 35mm photos of this trip along with some other random goodies.

“Last year I parted ways with Austin for a bit and found myself back in my birth state of California, Nor-Cal more specifically. Hella! I flew solo a good bit in the beginning, taking advantage of being on the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range there was plenty to hike, swim, capture on film and cuts to explore on my bike when I came down from the mountain. I knew there was a scene in the area but paths hadn’t crossed until one day at a swim spot after hiking up the hill to the parking lot the shape of some legit BMX parts caught my eye in the back seat of a car. Sure enough they were dialed after market parts so I knew these dudes were legit. I left a note and a grip of stickers and the rest is history. Della is a visual narrative of some time back in Hella country.


Della features-

Jeremie aka Stickman

Mike Fury

Danny Williams aka Dboiii

Devin Gentry

Dylan Nebel

Riky aka R_Dognasty

Shayne Stewart

Bert aka #berthella

*WARNING- Explicit content. ”